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Lyzzie's Rants and Raves

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Sunday, November 13th, 2005
11.13.05 - 3.02pm - wow...
It's bee so long since I've been on here! Logan had turned me into a myspace whore (and I still am) but I needed to return to my LJ roots. Life has been so crazy lately. I got a new motorcycle yesterday but I don't get to pick it up until Monday or Tuesday.

Nothing too exciting. Just too much homework and too little time.

current mood: giggly
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Sunday, October 17th, 2004
10.17.04 - 1.40pm - School is IN!
I'm so glad that school is back in. Even with all the homework and stress, it's more fun than constantly being at home. Currently, I working on a PowerPoint Presentation about the history of the periodic table and how to use it! The 2 people I'm working with are a smidge chatty so I've done 99% of the work on the project. The planner/communicator still hasn't called me to see when our work date out of school is going to be. Our Content Specialist (i.e. researcher) hasn't done squat so the fate of our grades lies in my hands. I could really ruin them by waiting until the Content person does her job but that would stress me out and I can't deal with it right now.

For the first time in my life, I've managed to have more than half of my classes remain in the A range and the quarter's almost over. 6/7 A's...and the last one's a B+ so I'm thrilled! My dad got my progress report and, for once, he didn't chew me out about how the A's that I had were in "Underwater-basket weaving classes" (FYI, The report said I had an A+ in Spanish, a A in WS3, and and A- in Chemistry).

Friday was a little bit more stressful than usual because I lost my pencil bag(which had my student ID and Kaiser card in it) and my helmet. I did manage to get my pencil bag back but my calculator was missing. I think my helmet is long gone. I feel lucky that my brother has 2 helmets and he said I could use one of them till I got my own.

The usual drama has already started (though it's been almost 2 months so that's expected). Dawn and Megan are out to kill each other. Then there's dram with boys. Both of my bestest friends like the same guy but one's more outgoing (when it comes to boys) than number two but I think number two should get the guy but number one is blind so she doesn't see what a pain in the tushie she's being. (hope that wasn't too confusing!)

When it comes to me on the dating scene? I'm not dating anyone right now but there are two people that I like to look at. One of them is about 5'10" tall, blonde, blueish green eyes, one of the most gorgeous smiles I've seen, and intellegence for 4 people. I've kinda like this guy for 3 years now but made a move in the eighth grade and got turned down soooo....I just look from afar. The other one is about 6 feet tall, kind, intellegent, sweet, red hair, piercing stone-blue eyes that make me go weak at the knees and an amazing heart. This one was informed about...ooohhhh...3 weeks ago that I liked him but that was a bit of a fiasco. He told me he like me but in reality he didn't. I was led to believe this guy was actually interested in me for a week and a half before being told the truth. I couldn't stop crying but I've managed and now we're still good friends. I still ike him but that' snot the point.

I gotta get back to homework but I'll update soon! Laters!
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Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
7.6.04 - 6.51pm - Summer is finally here!
It's finally summer and guess what I've been doing! Summer School! how exciting! I have an awesome teacher though. His name is Mr. Turkis and he's really cute but that's beside the point. I have a 99.4% in the class as opposed to a 51% ish. I'm thrilled! It gives me something to do besides twiddle my thumbs all day.

Today we wrote and essay for all 4 hours in class (ug) but Mr. Turkis said that it was a great essay with only minimal changes needed. We're reading a 4th grade book so it's kinda degrading but I guess it works.

I have about a month until I go to Las Vegas to see my grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousin, and great-grandparents. And the best part is that I don't have to spend the vacation with my parents! Or my little sister! Just my brother and me!

I got to get off now so I can shower and head to bed soon. I need all the sleep I can get so that I can continue to do well in school. I'll be back soon! Laters!
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Friday, May 14th, 2004
5.14.04 - 8.49pm
The world has decided to turn on me apparently! I don't know who you people are that keep posting on my page but you really starting to piss me off with all this pressure to talk with Tyler about the whole break up. Every time that you leave those comments I'm more likely not to talk to him, email him, or talk with him on AIM.

My immune system is getting really weak from all the stress and I'm on the verge of getting sick. I finally get to go have fun tomorrow but I have to work on Sunday. I'm going motorcycle riding tomorrow with my dad and uncle. We don't have to take my brother with us! It's easier getting the 3 bikes in the truck that way. (That was a really random topic that I went off on...Oh Well!)

I should probably go to bed because I have to get up at 3:30 tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll hear from you maybe I won't. Don't really care!

Later peoples!

current mood: frustrated, angry, etc
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Thursday, May 13th, 2004
5.13.04 - 6.29pm
Today wasn't all that thrilling but i did get an email from it (it being tyler unless I say otherwise). He says he wants to talk face to face but -you know what?- I don't want to! If he wants to discuss this then I will be on AIM. He can look me up there. CAN'T UNBLOCK ME MY ASS! He's an asshole or in the wors of Meggo a "ho-bag". Life is a hobag
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Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
5.11.04 - 7.12pm
I contacted him. it. whatever you want to call tyler. he doesn't deserve capitalisation of his name.
I told him that if we were gonna talk then it would be on my terms (i.e. w/ a counselor or over AIM). It's in his problem now! can't deal with it. I don't wanna talk I just want him to leave me alone! As always, if there's any alternate ideas let me know. Can't think of anything else. Gonna go back to stupid outline for history. Try to write more later cause I got a lot of ranting to do.
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Monday, May 10th, 2004
5.10.04 - 5.19pm - What part of no don't he understand???

HE WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!  I got all of-let's see-less than a week without him bothering me and then he proceeds write me a not saying "someday we will be friends but we don't won't to talk until I'm ready and I say so!" (I being Tyler my ex)  He's told me in his letter that he wasn't going to BS but that's all I can expect to come out of his mouth.  I'm considering filing a harassment report because he won't leave me alone and he "stalks my memory".  He's creeping me out!  If anyone else has a better idea let me know soon!

Anyone else had an ex or even a friend who was like that?  I think that he thinks he's the reincarnation of Jesus who has come to save us all but in reality is like the devil's son.  maybe not that evil but damn near it.

I still think that male population sucks and that we could live without them....

Ari's word: Guys suck!  They all should die!

I still think that some of them have brains and should be kept around but I wish that the rest would just go away!


current mood: infuriated, angry, agitated, e
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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
5.8.04 - 8.55pm - My So-Called Life

What is with life lately?!

It doesn't seem to make sense anymore.  Supposedly, I'm in control of my decisions but it sure doesn't feel like it!  I got into a fight about going to church with my step-mom this afternoon.  Three weeks ago she told us that she couldn't force us to go to mass but today she tells us that we have to go!  WTF?!  I'm really frustrated by this fact because I don't agree with the principles of Cathalocism and certainly don't want to be preached at about the bible for 90 minutes!  It just doesn't click with my beliefs.

I'm more of a Buddhist chick but that's not Christian so I can't experiment at all with it.  It's such bull shit!  I don't understand my family at all...  I don't know if everyone else has this same problem with the family but it sure is a royal pain!

The baby shower today didn't turn out as bad as I thought it was going to.  Normally, there's no one my age at these family woop-de-doos so it's a total bore.  But today was different!  Today, there was a really cute chick named Jessica (some distant step-relative who live four hours away  <cries in corner>) as well as a senior named Ben who plays bass guitar and flute (quite the combo!) who both hung out with me.  It was sooo much fun!  I only did homework for about 5 minutes because Ben helped me with my geometry. 

I have no idea who the mother-to-be was in relation to me but I know her name is Andrea and she's kinda disy but still pretty nice.  I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my Saturday!  There were midgets to read to and play with as well as people that I could intellegently talk to!  Other than the fight with my step-mom Claire, today turned out pretty awesome!

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Friday, May 7th, 2004
5.7.04 - 8.21pm - Stupid Essay

I'm so f^$&ing frustrated with this essay!  I've redone it 4 times in the past 3 hours.  It's soooo frustrating.  I have no idea what I'm going to write.  I have to finish it tonight cause I've got all kinds of shit going on this weekend.   No idea what to write.  I keep having to find the quotes over and over and over and and and...I had it almost done the first time (2 sentences from finishing) and then my compie proceeds to die on me.  Couldn't believe it! 

Just needed a break so that I could rant cause no one here will listen.  TV is just too important to them.  CSI and Degrassi and my little sis doesn't care.  I'm ready to give up but I have to pus forward.  Wish me luck!

current mood: angry
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5.7.04 - 6.28pm - Life Sux
Life really sux at this point in time.

I have to write this f***ing stupid paper on whose's responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet which was completely done. Notice that I said -was- done. I had it all written up, nice a pretty and complete in my notebook. Then I left it in my stupid math class at the end of the day.

So here I am, after spending three hours on the f***ing thing, having to find the quotes again, redo the commentary, and everything else before monday. -THIS- MONDAY!

I've got a headache because I've been fighting off sickness all week along with the stress of breaking up and all and add this on top and I don't feel so well...like me t-shirt says "I'd rather be sleeping".

Tell me why ex's are such ass-holes. Maybe someone out there in la-la land know cause I sure as hell don't understand it! For me, everything's okay, but he's just in a world of his own. If he put his nose any higher in the air I swear he would break his neck.

But now I have to get back to writing that damn essay...try to write more later...

current mood: sick
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Thursday, May 6th, 2004
5.6.04 - 6.33pm - The Ex-Factor
My ex-boyfriend is a total ass hole! I'm ready to tear his head into a hundred thousand tiny little pieces. but thanks to my firends...I'm not going to.

I've been asking him for the past week and a half to leave me alone because I needed space. It didn't seem to get through his 6-inch thick skull until I was a complete and total bitch.

Now he thinks that not talking at all was totally his idea. Whenever I walk by him he turns on his heel and walks away...I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER!

As one of my best friends, Ari, would put it "Tres Moron"! He thinks he's all high and mighty but let's face it...HE'E NOT. Thank god that the break up went so well!

For me at least...*goes to lala happy place*
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